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About Macroeconomics

Mr. Ninoos Y. Benjamin, Founder and Principal Economist, in collaboration of his associates, operate under the California fictitious name of Mutual Capital Advisors.

Mr. Benjamin with over twenty-five years of experience in banking and financial sector; has a graduate degree in economics and extensive teaching credentials in macroeconomics, quantitative economics and financial engineering.


The expertise of Mutual Capital Advisors is:
• Macroeconomics Analysis and Forecasting,
• Quantities Economic Analysis, and
• Financial Engineering with focus on Valuation of Financial Assets, and structuring tailored Hedging Techniques to address targeted risks.

Clients of Mutual Capital Advisors are institutional investors that retain the firm to produce (products):
• Reports containing Independent Valuation of Financial Assets, and
• Reports on Optimal Hedging Instruments (contracts) that mitigate the scope and extend of the targeted and perceived risks.